About David Marion

David Marion
Visual and Graphic Artist

Colorful, thematic, and full of passion are just a few words to describe the art of David Marion Green.  Born in South Carolina in 1982, David Marion found his artistic gift at a very young age.  Never formally trained, he looked for new ways to expand on these talents, but it was not until high school that he learned the technical skills needed to enhance his artistic abilities.  From there, a whole new world was unleashed.

David Marion went on to pursue a degree of Architecture at Hampton University in 2000.  Still very passionate about art he continued to grow and experiment with different mediums.  After graduating in 2005, creating a signature style became a personal goal that he is still trying to perfect.

As an artist, David Marion draws inspiration from his own life experiences and tries to make a statement with every piece that he creates.  Art has become a platform to voice his views of the world and also tell his story.

Art is such a powerful tool of communication and my overall goal is to give my testimony through art in hopes that it can further inspire someone else or help them to realize the true gifts that are within them.

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