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Janelle Rucker

An obsession with stories took Janelle from the corner of her grandmother’s couch, buried in a book to newspaper staffs around the country.

After graduating from Hampton University in 2004, Janelle covered local government in Chillicothe, Ohio, Shreveport, La. and Roanoke, Va. It was through those experiences that she was exposed to farmers, congressmen, racists, children, convicts and everything in between. She was also exposed to stories much more entertaining than anything found in the pages of a fiction novel and realized just how wrong some stereotypes can be.

Janelle left newspapers in 2011, but still desires to tell stories using different mediums.

Just as interesting as the celebrities and politicians we can’t get enough of are your next door neighbor, your co-worker, that guy you passed on the street. Knowing others’ stories leads to a greater understanding of ourselves and the community around us.

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