Do you fit a stereotype?

ster-e-o-type: A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

Behind the assumptions and the judgements, were all different and we all have stories about what shaped us.

reTyped is a collection of stories. Stories of regular people and not so regular people. College graduates and high school dropouts. Your neighbor. Your cousin. A stranger.

Explore these profiles and join the movement to rethink the stereotypes that, for many people, define us.

sketch of nadia a

Nadia A: An introverted people person

Nadia A., 33 Washington, D.C. Most hated stereotype: That people who look like me (young, big hair, Black, etc.) are token. After a long week of socializing – for work and for pleasure – Nadia often finds herself on her couch, being watched by the television, embracing a bit of solitude. A self-proclaimed introvert, Nadia deals a lot in people,… Read more →

tony lewis sketch

Tony L.: The other side of mass incarceration

Tony L., 35 Washington, D.C. Most hated stereotype:The idea of what a returning citizen is. The stigma that these people are bad people and that these people will always be involved in criminality and can’t change.   Listen: Tony juggles stereotypes from multiple sides   When released from prison, returning citizens are faced with many obstacles, including rebuilding connections with… Read more →

brian heat sketch

Brian H.: Igniting “stereotype killers”

Brian Heat 39, Largo, Md. Most hated stereotype: “The racial profiling and the racial oppression that African-Americans have faced since they got here.” When students in Prince George’s Community College’s Diverse Male Student Initiative look up at the program’s leader, they can see a bit of themselves. With tattoos on display, a deep knowledge of hip hop and a firm grasp… Read more →

beverly gooden portrait smiling

Beverly G.: Why she stayed

Beverly G., 32 Charlotte, N.C. Most hated stereotype: That abuse victims are a certain type: weak, have low self-esteem, or haven’t been “raised right.” I still remember how I felt when he slid the 2-carat ring on my finger. I loved him more than life; he was my heart and soul. Spend the rest of my life with you? Without… Read more →

adam headshot sketch

Adam C.: Diversity dealer

Adam C., 32 Las Vegas, NV Most hated stereotype: That people who talk with a dialect, particularly Southern – black or white – aren’t smart. We can all agree that reading is fundamental and surely can lead to better things, but it doesn’t replace common sense. When you see Adam’s red hair and hear his Southern twang, the culture that lies… Read more →

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